DYE M3+ Icon2 Paintball Marker (PGA Prism2 Dst.)

According to the German Weapons Act, not allowed under 18 years of age.
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The M3+ is the successor model to the Dye M3s.

The new M3+ comes with the tried and tested features of the M3s and has also received a few innovations. The eye pipe has been revised again and is now spring-loaded, which prevents double feeds and ball breaks.

The new BillyWing21 Blade Trigger provides better feedback to the player thanks to its optimized design. The BillyWing21 solenoid housing has improved gas flow and makes the M3+ run quieter and smoother.

The new Hyper 6s Regulator was also installed in the M3+ and gives the system a better and constant gas flow. The M3+ comes standard with the MosAir system.

New features and changes to the M3+:

- New Hyper 6s regulator

- New FL-21 Bolt System (removable without tools)

- Redesigned handle scales (without tools)

- Large 1" LED display

- Fully adjustable board (see software info below)

- Integrated battery can be charged via USB port

- Wireless design (no cables between handle and body)

- Freely adjustable clamp feed

- Internal pressure sensors (pressure can be read on the board)

- New - "Slap" On/Off ASA

- New - 4th generation EYE Pipe

- New - Flex Face Bolt Tip

- New - BillyWing21 solenoid housing

- New - Dye UL-S Back + Front

- New - BillyWing21 Blade Trigger

- Revised body design

Fl-21 Bolt System:

The new FL-21 Fuse Bolt sets new standards in performance and efficiency

- Decreased Dwell

- Even more efficient, quieter and gentler

- Low working pressure of only 115 PSI

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