DYE DSR+ Paintball Marker (PGA Aloha)

According to the German Weapons Act, not allowed under 18 years of age.
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DYE DSR+ paintball markers

The new and improved DSR+ offers class-leading, unparalleled dominance for increased competitive advantage and more fun on the paintball field. Whether catching up with friends on the field or battling for a place in the finals of a league game, DSR+ will perform when it matters most.

The DSR+ takes everything that defined the previous championship-winning platform and uses new and improved precision-engineered features and enhancements throughout the marker for next-level performance. Standout features include the newly developed ARC+ Bolt System with best-in-class efficiency and shot-to-shot consistency, the new Flex SFR Solenoid with customizable airflow control for individual shooting preferences, the new Edge2 trigger with a low-profile design, the new quick-turn battery cover Locking knob for quick and easy tool-free battery access, the new Leverlock Clamping Feedneck for easy adjustment, and the new reach width that adapts to each player's grip style, along with a new, aggressive body design.

The evolution continues with DYE's continued development and advancement of marker technology. The DSR+ is the number one choice for new and experienced players looking for a confidence inspiring, lightweight, compact and efficient device that will allow them to be on the field all day and thrive against any opponent. The new DYE DSR+ is tough both inside and out and once again outperforms the competition.


- ARC+ bolt system

- Flexbolt

- Quick Release Bolt

- Flex SFR Solenoid

- Edge2 triggers

- Lever lock clamping feed neck

- Tool-less battery access

- MOS Operating System

- Control joystick

- Increased Grip Clearance

- Sticky Grips

- Ultralite 45 frames

- Hyper 6 regulator

- UL Trucam Airport

- Gas Thru

- Freewire connector

- 4th Gen Eye Pipe

- Colored coded O-rings

- Core Barrels

- Low profile design

- Hard foam case

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