Captain O-Ring Planet Eclipse GTEK 160R Paintball Marker Colored O-Ring Kit (Medium)

CAPTIAN_ORING_KIT_ECLIPSE_GTEK_160R_3_TIMES-1 Paintball_Markierer_Colored_O_Ring_Kit_Dichtungssatz Paintball_Markierer_Colored_O_Ring_Kit_Dichtungssatz
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Product description

Captain O-Ring is the leading US manufacturer when it comes to high-quality O-rings and spare parts sets for paintball markers.

With us you get a complete range of Captain O-ring products for all common paintball marker models, regulators and other accessories.

Large O-ring kit for the Planet Eclipse GTEK 160R, with all the seals needed to (3x!!!) repair the marker.

Illustration may deviate, the images used for O-ring kits are for illustration purposes only and may differ from the actual product.

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