Bunkerkings Supreme Goggle Bag (Blue Laces)

Bunkerkings_Supreme_Goggle_Bag_Blue_Laces_-1 Bunkerkings_Supreme_Goggle_Bag_Blue_Laces_openBunkerkings_Supreme_Goggle_Bag_Blue_Laces_sideBunkerkings_Supreme_Goggle_Bag_Blue_Laces_topBunkerkings_Supreme_Goggle_Bag_Blue_Laces_show Bunkerkings_Supreme_Goggle_Bag_Blue_Laces_open Bunkerkings_Supreme_Goggle_Bag_Blue_Laces_side Bunkerkings_Supreme_Goggle_Bag_Blue_Laces_top Bunkerkings_Supreme_Goggle_Bag_Blue_Laces_show
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Product description

Bunkerking's Supreme Goggle Bag

Protection for mask and mask glass! The interior of the Supreme Goggle Bag is lined with both microfiber and a soft, breathable micro.mesh. Proper ventilation is not only important for the mask to feel and smell nice inside, but more importantly if moisture builds up it would affect the anti-fog properties of the thermal lenses. There is an additional pocket lined with microfiber inside the goggles to store a spare lens or other accessories.

Fits all CMD, VIO and Ascend goggles as well as virtually all other masks on the market.


- Compact, non-bulky design

- Interior lined with microfiber

- Microfiber lined glass/accessory pocket

- Snap hook for attaching to a backpack, for example

- Soft, breathable mesh

- Padded handle

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