Virtue Vio masks - trendy and safe

Virtue Vio paintball masks are very popular among gamers these days. No wonder, because the new system allows the player to color the mask as he likes. The Virtue Vio is the first paintball mask that can be completely modified. The gamer can choose from ten different mask glasses and thirty different colored mask frames. From a mathematical point of view, this results in a total of 30,000 different color combinations. The Virtue Vio mask allows for an individual design like no other paintball product.

The features of the Virtue Vio mask

Double thermal glass is already installed as standard within the Virtue Vio, which can be easily replaced within seconds thanks to the quick-change function. Another advantage of the Virtue Vio masks is that an STM & CE tested UV filter is integrated within the lenses. The flexible Softflex frame and mouthguard not only ensure first-class protection during the game, the wearing comfort is really first-class. The Virtue Vio's chin strap is padded so that even the greatest paintball action does not cause chafing or injuries.

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