Headgear for paintball sports - headwraps, beanies and more...

Most paintball players wear the head wraps or head bands that are common in tournament sports. These are headbands sewn into the front of a thick, soft cloth. This cloth not only absorbs sweat and prevents it from running into the mask foam or eyes, it also cushions the forehead. Paintballs that hit them don't hurt the player as much, and there's even a chance that they won't burst in the first place, meaning the player doesn't have to be eliminated from the game. A legal cheating tool if you will.

Today's tournament player wears a beanie.

In recent years, headwraps and headbands have been in less and less demand. More and more players have switched to beanies. Beanie is an English term for simple cotton caps. Not only are these more comfortable to wear, but they are also thicker and better padded. This protects the player even better and increases the chance of bouncers in the head area. In addition, the beanie simply looks much more chic than a simple headband.

Paintbakk headgear for recreational players and newcomers?

If you are a recreational player or beginner and don't want to spend the money on an expensive head wrap right away, you can get by with a normal baseball cap to start with. While this isn't cushioned, it at least keeps the color off the scalp and hair. In addition, the parasol protects the neck from painful hits when, as a beginner, you have not noticed that the more experienced pro player has crept up on you from behind. ;)