Paintball knee pads - an indispensable piece of equipment!

Hardly any part of the body is used as hard in paintball sport as the knees. The quick turns and short sprints put a strain on even the strongest knee of any player. In addition, there are hits and bumps from the slides and jumps during the quick change of cover.

For this reason, we always recommend that all paintball players wear suitable paintball knee pads, also known as paintball kneepads.

The knee pads are simply pulled over and secured against accidental slipping with an elastic Velcro strap. The thick, yet soft surface of the kneepads absorbs the impact energy excellently and thus relieves the player's knees.

There are paintball kneepads from almost all leading manufacturers

Every brand that has a reputation in tournament sports also offers a suitable knee pad for its range. In the large Paintball Sports online shop you will find a large selection of current models in all available colors and sizes.

If you are unsure or would like a recommendation from experienced players, you are welcome to contact us. We have some experience with knee pads ourselves and can recommend the Dye, Planet Eclipse or Empire models, for example. All knee pads mentioned have proven themselves in paintball sports for years and are valued and popular with customers.