Paintball breastplate - Safety first

Everyone knows the problem with painful hits on the paintball field. Especially the uncomfortable parts of the body such as ribs and lower back should therefore be protected as best as possible. So that a hit doesn't hurt that much, we offer you the paintball breastplate section in our paintball shop category on clothing.

Here you will find everything you need to buy upper body protection for paintball sports. From the inexpensive, fairly simply constructed chest protector that you usually get your hands on on playing fields, to the ultra-light high-end product with complete padding in all important areas.

What should I consider when buying a paintball chest protector?

The only important thing is that the breastplate fits properly and covers the areas you want to protect. Depending on the manufacturer, the different models also offer different protection classes and the so-called padding, the padded areas of the breastplate, are distributed somewhat differently.

We recommend that you always try on a new paintball breastplate personally in your trusted paintball shop and, if necessary, get advice from the seller in advance when choosing a model.

Which paintball chest armor is the best?

That really depends on the player. Tastes are different now. In principle, you always have to find a middle ground between protection and comfort. Because the lighter and more flexible a breastplate is, the less padding and armor it naturally offers. Below we explain the differences using a few model examples.

The inexpensive field breastplate - the entry-level model.

This inexpensive paintball chest armor is stable and offers newcomers and hobby paintballers sufficient protection against direct hits in the chest and back area. The downside is, firstly, that the sides are quite exposed and that it is very stiff, which means that while it protects well, the paintballs will always pop on the surface, leading to the end of the game. In addition, this model restricts the freedom of movement a little.

The Dye Performance Top breastplate - ultra light and very flexible

Dye's paintball chest protector is one of the lightest and most flexible on the market. It is padded all around with foam material at the crucial points. This offers a comfortable fit, protects optimally in the important places and often lets hitting paintball balls simply bounce off without bursting. This makes this model the first choice of many tournament players, as you can "cheat" with it very well in the game. The Dye breastplate has a slim fit design and fits snugly to the player's body. We therefore recommend always ordering at least 1 size larger, otherwise it can quickly become tight and hot inside when the game is really going on.

Planet Eclipse Overload Chestprotector - A real body armor for paintballers

The Overload chest protector from Planet is significantly more padded than the Dye model described above. It has very thick material and is particularly popular with players because of its strong rib padding. One of the only chest protectors for paintball players that fully and well protects this sensitive area.

Empire Neo Skin - The latest high-end product in terms of paintball protective clothing

With their Neo Skin Paintball breastplate released in 2017, Empire has proven that it can always be a bit better, lighter and more breathable. Only the best materials from top-class sport were used for this model. The result is all-round upper body protection that's lighter than any other and incredibly comfortable to wear. You hardly notice in the game that you are wearing a chest protector at all.