ASG CNC Cylinder Head for V2 Gearbox

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Product description

ASG's ULTIMATE Upgrade Series cylinder head is CNC machined from machine quality aluminum and fitted with a stainless steel nozzle to ensure high durability. The stainless steel jet screws directly into the cylinder head, and an o-ring is inserted into the assembly to ensure air-loss-free performance. The rubber pad on the cylinder head has also been redesigned, which serves both as a pad to absorb the energy from the piston head, but also to seal the connection between the cylinder and cylinder head to ensure an airtight assembly.

The rubber cushion on the cylinder head is encased on the cylinder body. This process ensures that the plate remains firmly connected when the piston head hits the cylinder head at high speed. Extremely wear-resistant, this lightweight aluminum design is engineered to withstand heavy-duty operation without deforming.

Using CNC engineering processes, the cylinder head can be manufactured with incredible accuracy to ensure precise tolerances and a perfect fit with other Ultimate components in your AEG.

The ULTIMATE cylinder head is anodized in a distinctive shade of blue to make the parts easier to identify for any airsoft technician.

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