20mm Keymod Weaverrail / Weaver Rail (135mm / 13 Slots)

Paintball_Airsoft_Keymode_Rail_Set_Fuer_Keymod_Shroud_135mm_13_Slots Uebersicht_Keymod_railsUebersicht_Keymod_rails_Abmessungen Uebersicht_Keymod_rails Uebersicht_Keymod_rails_Abmessungen Uebersicht_Keymod_rails Uebersicht_Keymod_rails_Abmessungen
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Product description

20mm weaver rail for mounting on all KEYMOD shrouds. Solid all-metal design. Allows the attachment of accessories and attachments such as grips, bipods, etc. to Keymod Shrouds.

Length 135mm with 13 mounting slots (recesses) on the rail.

Delivery includes mounting material.

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